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RUMOLD is your supplier for office equipment and drawing instruments, art and graphics and accessories. Precision and quality Made in Germany are the trademarks of RUMOLD. RUMOLD was founded in 1907 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

The RUMOLD brand combines tradition with modernity, so that it plays a central role in the European market for customers who expect quality, continuity and customer proximity. RUMOLD offers its customers a multi-layered assortment for office equipment and drawing instruments, art and graphics and accessories.

RUMOLD’s own developments are very creative and meet the taste and needs of the customers. Moreover, RUMOLD takes up customer ideas and develops new products together with them in the form of a real “partnership”.

With the assortment made of the renewable raw material wood in the form of rulers, pantographs, tubular rulers, square rulers and stock meters, RUMOLD stands for sustainability with a neutral CO2 footprint.

In the areas of rulers, triangles and protractors, RUMOLD offers a qualified and balanced assortment, which optimally covers the needs in school, office, professional and hobby areas.

Rulers made of various materials such as wood in all facets, plastic, aluminum and steel offer the customer all choices.

Triangles in versions with and without a handle provide technical drawing and geometry as needed. Protractors in the shapes of a semicircle and/or full circle allow the perfect angle.

RUMOLD drawing sets offer our customers rulers, angles and geometry triangles all from one source. Triangular rulers in the most different variations with the most different bearing divisions find their purposeful application with engineers, architects, measurements, in the mechanical engineering, but also in the vocational school.

The RUMOLD counter display made of the renewable raw material wood makes it possible to have the triangular rulers always at hand for all areas of application.

In the office, drawing and work area are the special rulers and templates from RUMOLD.

The special rulers are not only perfect for drawing, but also for cutting with the ECOBRA Cutters on the Profi Cutting-Mats, so that the highest precision in this area is guaranteed.

RUMOLD offers these special rulers also in the non-slip version, so as to guarantee the maximum flexibility to the customers for their needs.

RUMOLD stencils demonstrate their creativity not only as circle stencils in the drawing field, but also as training stencils of all electrotechnical, metal and related professions, which include circles, circuit symbols, hexagonal nuts, screws according to DIN and ISO standards, numbers, arrows and other creative elements.

The TECHNO drawing system from Rumold is a sophisticated drawing system that takes drawing to another dimension, as there are no longer any limits to drawing creativity.

The RUMOLD-TECHNO drawing system and the TECHNO drawing plate including parallel drawing rail combine creativity with precision.

For transporting the high-quality drawing plates, RUMOLD offers the ideal solution with the TECHNO drawing plate bag and the TECHNO box. While the TECHNO drawing plate bag has several inner compartments, outer pockets and a very practical carrying strap, the elegant RUMOLD TECHNO box protects the drawing plate from damage.

Not only in the professional field, but also in vocational training in technical drawing, RUMOLD increases the intrinsic motivation of the trainees with the creative TECHNO-Combi-Angles, TECHNO-Perspective Corner and the TECHNO-Triangles in the versions for electo and metal.

RUMOLD’s drawing trays round off the premium segment and meet with a great response not only from architects and graphic designers, but also from pupils and students.

In the field of transport and presentation RUMOLD proves its versatility and thus satisfies every customer in the most professional way.

For drawings, construction plans, posters, art prints or presentation charts, the RUMOLD drawing quiver is the ideal form of storage, with the aim of ensuring optimal dispatch and safe transport or archiving. RUMOLD offers drawing rolls also in overlength and drawing roll quivers with removable screw lids.

Shipping rolls in twist or thread pack as well as shipping sleeves made of hardboard ensure the protected transport of drawings, plans. posters, etc. These shipping tubes in BlockPack and the Consumer Box are also a good transport option from RUMOLD.

Professional presentations in modern business life start with a professional appearance. In terms of professionalism, Rumold provides very creative solutions for every area of use, in the form of premium drawing cases, drawing folders, ring binders, drawing bags and transport bags. In direct conversation with the customer, the professionalism is underlined by the adequate presentation books, which leave a very good impression.

RUMOLD does not only think of professionals, students, trainees or hobbyists, because the Active Learning section offers a variety of possibilities for the youngest among us. The SOMA cube made of RE-Wood, the reversible tiles in red and blue, the EURO play money set, the learning clock for the smaller pupils and mathematics games in the form of fractions, slide rules, the multiplication tables, units of length, time and the arithmetic chains enable the youngest to learn actively, which is combined with the highest creativity of RUMOLD.

The RUMOLD Promise

Our products are subject to strict controls to ensure quality, functionality, and long service life.

RUMOLD Expertise

For over 115 years, Rumold has reliably demonstrated its expertise with forward-looking in-house product development and acquisitions.

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Dealers who carry Rumold products distinguish themselves by offering the best possible quality and value to their customers.


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