Precision drawing and cutting ruler, Ref. 663
anodised aluminum, stainless steel insert, non-slip, special thickness 9 mm
lengths 30/50/70/100 cm

Precision drawing and cutting ruler, Ref. 663
made of anodised aluminum for the highest demands,
eye-friendly white numbers on black band,
engraved precision mm graduation on aluminum facet,
with hanging hole,
special thickness 9 mm.
Ideal contact surface for drawing triangles and drawing stencils,
in a plastic case with a euro hole tag

Stainless steel insert for cutting work on the bevel

Ref. 663/30 Length 30 cm EAN 4012108026406
Ref. 663/50 Length 50 cm EAN 4012108026505
Ref. 663/70 Length 70 cm EAN 4012108026604
Ref. 663/100 Length 100 cm EAN 4012108026307

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