TECHNO triangle electric, Ref. 354211
made of transparent plastic

TECHNO triangle electric, Ref. 354211
made of transparent plastic,
with removable handle.
For vocational training in the electrical engineering field.
Protractor 180°.
Dimensioning according to DIN 406.
Labeling, Greek letters, symbols, sine-cosine line, basic device forms, circuit symbols for switching elements, circuit symbols for electrical and electronic components, mm scales.
For fine lead pencil 0.5 mm.
In a plastic case with a hanging hole

Ref. 354211 TECHNO triangle electric EAN 4012108136105

RUMOLD TECHNO – the sign system.
The TECHNO drawing boards together with the TECHNO drawing stencils form a coordinated drawing system. The possibility of connecting e.g. combi angles, perspective corners or metal angles to the drawing rail with the help of the techno clips supplied with each panel increases the possible applications and benefits many times over.

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