Premium steel ruler, Ref. 323800
stainless steel, graduation deep lasered
high measuring accuracy
lengths 300/500/750 mm (right/left-handed)

Premium steel ruler, lasered, Ref. 323800
made of stainless steel,
with 0-point on the outer edge,
mm and ½ mm graduation,
with hanging hole.
Deep-lasered graduation,
100% abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant,
guaranteed measurement accuracy according to EG Class I.
Cross-section 30 x 1.0 mm

Ref. 323813 Scale length 300 mm (total length 330 mm) EAN 4012108218603
Ref. 323823 Scale length 300 mm for left-handers (total length 330 mm) EAN 4012108218900
Ref. 323815 Scale length 500 mm (total length 530 mm) EAN 4012108218702
Ref. 323817 Scale length 750 mm (total length 780 mm) EAN 4012108218801

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